Project의 요구수준을 만족하는 결선품질을 보장하는 자재/공구/사용법 에 대해 certified solution을 제공합니다.
We offer:
▶ Tool delivered with a certificate
▶ Verified and tested combination of cable, terminal and tool
▶ Certified solutions for customized product development
▶ Product approval in accordance with UL, DNV and CSA
▶ Third part quality and environment certification in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001

50년 노하우를 바탕으로, 귀사 작업현장의 요구사항에 최적화된 solution을 제공합니다.

We offer:

▶ Tests in laboratory
▶ Problem solving
▶ Technical and customer support
▶ Customized terminals and tools
▶ Audits and validations at your premises
You will have access to:
▶ Our technical department that develops constructions according to your needs.
▶ Our production who can manufacture unique solutions.
▶ Our laboratory who can supply for example;
- Electrical tests
- Mechanical tests
- Corrosion- and environmental tests

산업별로 요구되는 결선작업에 관한 교육을 실시하고 있습니다.

Utility sector and installers
Transformer manufacturers
Traction/Train manufacturers
Wind Power manufacturers


DooSung Trade / 051-319-4730, sales@doosungtrade.co.kr