Cutting and insulation stripping tools

The cutting tools have blades made of high tensile steel. The cutting edges are designed to make the cut surface as smooth and straight as possible, with the minimum force. We have two functional cutting and stripping tools, the SCT001 (0.5-6 mmİ÷) and the Embla (0.02-16 mmİ÷). For stripping the insulation from power cables there is the Tor stripping tool (İŞ 4.5-40 mm). The Oden stripping tool (İŞ 4.5-40 mm) is used among other things for signal, telephone and computer cabling.

Hydraulic cable cutters

Elpress hand cutting tools can cut conductors of up to İŞ 80 mm. In addition to hand cutting tools there are hydraulic cable cutters for cutting conductors of up to and including İŞ 85 mm, which are used together with the Elpress mains and battery-powered PS700 pump, or foot-powered P4000 pump.