Holding tool ISL2201.
Screw connectors for low and medium voltages

The screw connectors are intended for stranded and solid aluminium and copper cables, carrying low and medium voltages of up to 36 kV. The range covers cross-sectional areas of 10-630 mmę¸ for round cable and 16-240 mmę¸ for sector cable. Connection to the conductors is achieved by tightening the screws in the through connector or terminal to a predetermined torque. Tightening takes place into a partially threaded nut. The tightening torque is correct when the screw breaks at its notch. It does this thanks to an innovative double-ended shear-off screw, as shown in the illustration.

Connectors made of aluminium and copper

Through connectors and terminals are made of aluminium, and the accompanying screws are of brass to reduce friction and facilitate installation. The terminal palm is made of copper. The through connectors have an intermediate wall to enable jointing of oil-filled cables to plastic-insulated XLPE cables. The screw connectors meet the requirements of IEC 61238-1. To facilitate installation there is a holding tool, ISL2201.

Washer solution

Screw connectors are supplied in closed plastic packaging with clear installation instructions. By applying the accompanying screwed joint washers for the screw connectors, the terminal palm can be used for two screw sizes.