Crimped samples of Elpress un-insulated terminals.

Uninsulated terminals

: Up to 10 mm² consist of through connectors, rings, ferrules, forks and pin terminals made of electrolytic copper.


단자에는 Elpress의 로고, 케이블 단면적, 볼트규격 이 각인되어 있어서 올바른 작업과 검사를 신속하게 도와줍니다.

UL is an American standard which is also internationally accepted. Elpress standard Cu terminals of types KR/KS, KRF/ KSF, KRT/KST are UL approved according to no. E205350. Cu terminals of types KR/KS, KRF/KSF are for stranded and flexible copper wires, classes 2 and 5 according to IEC 60228, and have a working area of 1-500 mm².